Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What Happened?

Around the High Holidays, I got into a revision frenzy to the website - and I hadn't put the revised page up til now because I hadn't written these FAQ! It's absurd, I know, but a lot of what I face is absurd.

Why did it take so long? Because I wanted to etch a long disquisition about the thought process that went into my redesign - and I still don't know what to say. Uh... I put colors in because they are pretty and shiny. I'm trying to both organize the page and give a larger framework for Jewish Thought? That sounds good.

If you are frightened of change, and want the old page, click here.


The Old FAQ

Why did you make this website?

As a scholar of parshat ha-shavua, and a profoundly lazy man, I wanted to have one place on the web where I could easily find and print the Divrei Torah that I enjoy oh so much. Hence this site is mainly for my use. But, the voices in my head told me, why keep it only for yourself? So I tidied-up the code and slapped the page into the public.

I don't like the format of the page and, consequently, I don't like you

We all have our problems

Why do you rank some sites as Recommended and some as Excellent?

Recommended are the ones I print out every week. Excellent are ones that I find to be scholarly and thoughtful but aren't my cup-o-tea

What type of tea?

Purple zinger

Who are you?

A fugitive from justice

No, really, I need to know to rest my troubled soul

I'm afraid that information is proprietary. I recommend you join in with the small nation of stalkers and psychopaths who dog my trail

Why is water wet?

Surface tension, hydrogen bonding, and the fifth law of thermodynamics (a.k.a. why chocolate frosting tastes exactly like vanilla frosting)

Why, there's no magazine *called* Weird, is there?

Hie thee back to the Simpson's where you belong!

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