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Tanakh - Bible


Primary Texts

    Hebrew & English

  1. Machon Mamre, A Hebrew - English Bible, According to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition


  2. Westminister Leningrad Codex (WLC) from

  3. Online Hebrew Library

    There is an enormous amount of material on this site, I will attempt to incorporate as much as possible in separate entries below

  5. Full Tanakh from Snunit (Vowels) Note, their texts come from, but they put it together nicely on the webpage

  6. Tikkun of Tanakh - How to Write a Sefer Torah, from

  7. Text of Tanakh - Big Letters

  8. Karaite-Korner Vocalized Hebrew Bible from

    English - Texts - Jewish Sources

  9. JPS 1917

  10. JPS 1985 Translation - Index of Parshat Hashavua only from Temple Beth Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD

    English - Commentary & Text - Jewish Sources

  11. Judaica Press - English Translation with Rashi
    1. Genesis - Bereshit
    2. Exodus - Shemot
    3. Leviticus - Vayikra
    4. Numbers - Bamidbar
    5. Deuteronomy - Devarim

  12. Metsudah Chumash with Rashi from

  13. Transliterated Torah & Haftara or Another link

  14. The Living Torah by Rav Aryeh Kaplan from World ORT Union
    1. Bereshit & (Subjects)
    2. Shemot & (Subjects)
    3. Vayikra & (Subjects)
    4. Bemidbar & (Subjects)
    5. Devarim & (Subjects)
    6. Search the Torah

  15. Transliterated Parsha & English Translation by Headcoverings-by-Devorah (also some scattered commentary)

    English - Non-Jewish Sources

  16. Full Online Hebrew Bible, Apocrypha, New Testament, & Quran
    Division of X-ian Education of the National Council of the Churches of X in the United States of America.

  17. King James Version from

  18. Online Study Bible from (X-ian)

  19. Online Bibles

    Reference Works & Maps

    Personalities - Comprehensive

  20. Tanakh Profiles - An Encyclopedia of Biblical Personalities by Rabbi Jonathan Mishkin Amazing

  21. People in Tanakh - from World ORT

    Personalities - Limited Lists

  22. About Bible Prophecy - People (Non-Jewish Site)
  23. Alabaster-Jars - Women in the Bible (Non-Jewish Site)
  24. Chabad Torah - People Topical Search
  25. Google Sub-Directory of People in the Old Testament
  26. Philologos - Prophecy Research Topics (People) (Non-Jewish Site)
  27. Temple Emmanuel Class in Bible Personalities (Non-Orthodox Site)
  28. Topical Bible Studies - Personalities (Non-Jewish Site)
  29. Torah From Dixie - People of the Book (Limited list)
  30. Women of the Bible (Non-Jewish Site)

    Reference Personality Search Tools All Non-Jewish Sites

  31. Search the Brown-Driver-Briggs (using Strong's Numbers)
  32. Search the The Catholic Encyclopedia
  33. Search the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  34. Browse the Strong's Concordance
  35. Search the Smith's Dictionary
  36. Search the Nave's Topical Bible
  37. Search the Hitchcock's Bible Names
  38. Search the Easton Bible Dictionary
  39. Search the Torrey's Topical Textbook

  40. General Online Encyclopedias -- The Wiki & The Columbia Encyclopedia

    Maps - Complete Atlases

  41. Bible Atlas Online by Access Foundation (Stunning!)
  42. Access Foundation Maps with more variables from Studylight

    Maps - Smaller Collections

  43. Bible Maps
  44. Maps
  45. Bible Resource Center (some nice stuff)
  46. Lion Publishing Maps
  47. Maps
  48. Mormons' Bible Resoruces, Maps
  49. Sacred Bible Maps

    General Reference

  50. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible - by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset, and David Brown, 1871 (Non-Jewish)

  51. (Non-Jewish)

  52. Encyclopaedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political and Religious History, the Archaeology, Geography, and Natural History of the Bible (New York: Macmillan; London: Adam and Charles Black, 1899-1903) by Thomas Kelly Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black - from ETANA (Non-Jewish)

    1. Volume I (A-D): PDF files at ETANA
    2. Volume II (E-K): PDF files at ETANA
    3. Volume III (L-P): PDF files at ETANA
    4. Volume IV (Q-Z): PDF files at ETANA

  53. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Non-Jewish)

  54. Strong's Dictionary Online from (Non-Jewish)

  55. Strong's Concordance Online from (Non-Jewish)

  56. Topical Bible (Non-Jewish)
      A topical concordance of the Hebrew Bible and the other thing

  57. The Bible in Lego (Satirical & Non-Jewish)

  58. World ORT Union

  59. List of Acronyms (Roshei Teivot) from Princeton!

    General Jewish Reference Works

  60. Jewish Encyclopedia The complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906.

  61. RAMBI Search - Index of Articles on Jewish Studies

    Tanakh Fact Tools

  62. Beit haMikdash & Keilim links
  63. Reuven Weiser's Virtual Mikdash
  64. Tanach Facts

    Leining Resources
    (a.k.a. leyning, laining, looning)

  65. Bible Page at World ORT Union

  66. Cantor Dubov Leining per parsha (and other cantorial resources)


  68. Torah Reading Tutorial from Beverly Hills Chabad

    Peshat Commentaries

    Also see the Non-Jewish Tools which are useful for Peshat issues

  69. Most of the Torah is in the Fancy section

  70. Bieler, Rabbi Jack (Kemp Mill Synagogue, MD) - Parsha & Essays

  71. Cypess, Joshua Archives & Works

  72. Etshalom, Rabbi Yitz, Mikra from

  73. Hecht, Rabbi Benjamin, from & Full Archive

  74. Kraus, Rabbi Jonathan Dvar Torah of Temple Beth El. Belmont, MA (UAHC - Reform)

  75. Leibtag, Rav Menachem, My Teacher

  76. Leibowitz, Nechama

  77. Lipman, Rabbi David E. - Gates to Jewish Heritage

    WARNING: This author is in prison (May 2006). See here for updates

  78. MaTaN - Women's Institute for Torah Studies

  79. Mayer, Rabbi Eitan, Parsha-Themes:

  80. My Jewishlearning Weekly Torah Commentary 'Transdenominational' (whatever)

  81. Nishmat: Parshat Hashavua

  82. Soloveitchik, Rav Yosef Dov, MJ-Ravtorah Transcriptions by Joshua Rapps, on

  83. Torah Tidbits of OU/NCSY Israel Center
    1. Bereshit
    2. Shemot
    3. Vayikra
    4. Bamidbar
    5. Devarim
    6. Chagim
    Sedra Summary & Stats
    Lead Tidbit: 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59
    Misc Tidbit: 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59
    Meaning in Mitzvot (Rabbi Asher Meir): 64, 63, 62, 61, 60, 59

  84. Torah MiTzion: Parshat HaShavua

  85. Torat Hayim Union for Reform Judaism

  86. Walk, Rabbi David (Cong. Agudath Sholom, Stamford CT) - A Rebbe of mine from Yeshiva

  87. Parshat Hashavua

  88. Yeshivat Har Etzion & Site Archive
    1. Parashat Ha-Shavua (Last Year's)
    2. Daf Kesher (Hebrew)
    3. Archives By Year (Compelete Index)
    4. Archives By Year in Hebrew (Complete Archive)
    5. Archives By Book
    6. Intparsha -- Archives By Book
    7. Sichot of Rav Ahron Lichtenstein and Rav Yehudah Amital
    8. S.A.L.T. and its Archives
    9. Other YHE Material of Interest

    Academic Articles

  89. Bar Ilan University Professors, Essays on Parshat ha-Shavua

  90. Daat Emet - WARNING: This is a despicable website filled with anti-Jewish hate has responses to the website here

  91. E-Chinuch - Resources for Jewish Educators (sign-in necessary)

  92. - The Sephardic Institute
    Judaic Bible Studies
    Judaic Seminar Main Index

    Vol. 01 Vol. 02 Vol. 03 Vol. 04 Vol. 05 Vol. 06
    Vol. 07 Vol. 08 Vol. 09 Vol. 10 Vol. 11

  93. Klapper, Rabbi Robert - Summer Beit Midrash resources

  94. Lookstein Center for Jewish Education (Bar Ilan) Lessons for each parsha

  95. Machon Lev - The Jerusalem College of Technology - Dvar Torah Umada

  96. Nehar Deah the weekly Torah portion sheets of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

  97. Rega Lifnei Shabbat from the Dept. of Zionist Education

  98. Waxman, Joshua - Parshablog (Blog)

  99. YUTorah - an extraordinary site from Yeshiva University

    Parsha-Halakha Connection

  100. Business Ethics Devar Torah by the Jewish Ethicist, (Alternate Link)

  101. Encyclopedia Talmudit online Links to articles on parshat hashavua

  102. Eretz Hemdah by the Eretz Hemdah Institute of Advanced Jewish Studies of HaRav Shaul Yisraeli ZT"L

  103. Kol Torah - Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC)

  104. Neustadt, Rav Doniel - Weekly Halacha from

  105. The Practical Torah by Rabbi Michael Taubes
    1. Bereshit
    2. Shemot
    3. Vayikra
    4. Bamidbar
    5. Chagim

  106. Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim Parsha Archives; the articles of Rabbi Gedalia Hochberg are Halakha related; the others are Drash


  107. Haftorahman - Rabbi Reuben Ebrahimoff

  108. Insights into the Haftara by Rabbi Pinchas Frankel, from

  109. JPS 1985 Translation of Weekly Haftara Index of the from Temple Beth Shalom (Chevy Chase, MD)

  110. "Know Your Haftorahs" by Rabbi Dovid Siegel

  111. From the Prophets, Between the Fish and the Soup by Rabbi Jacob Solomon

  112. Haftarot (with leining) by World ORT

    Fancy Publications

    Free Adobe (PDF) Reader

  113. Download this week's reading in a nice font from the Jewish Agency

  114. AECOM - Albert Einstein School of Medicine Synagogue, Torat Shmuel Weekly Parsha
    1. 5765 (Word Doc)
    2. Torat Shmuel Archive (5757-60 are HTML, 5763-4 are Word Doc)
    3. 5752 (HTML)
    4. Halacha Archives

  115. Aishdas: Toras Aish - from, with Archives

  116. Avodah teachings about social justice from the parsha

  117. Covenant and Conversation by the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom - Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks

  118. Kol HaEdah on Parashat haShavuah from Edah (PDF)

  119. Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi Parsha Index (often RTF)

  120. Internet Parsha Sheet Redacted by Chaim Shulman
    Download This Week's Word Doc or Download This Week's PDF

    1. Bereshit (Genesis) Word or PDF
    2. Shemot (Exodus) Word or PDF
    3. Vayikra (Leviticus) Word or PDF
    4. Bamidbar (Numbers) Word or PDF
    5. Devarim (Deuteronomy) Word or PDF

  121. Jews Against Zionism (PDF)
      Extra disclaimer here.
      Naturally, this is disturbing stuff. The letters page is filled with approving remarks from enemies of Israel

      Write them with your disgust

  122. Kalatzky, Rav Yosef - Rosh Yeshiva of the Yad Avraham Institute

  123. Kehilas Prozdor Divrei Torah by Rabbi Leibie Sternberg (Adobe Acrobat)
    1. Bereshit 5764 5763 5762 5761 5760 5759 5758 5757 5756
    2. Shemot 5764 5763 5762 5761 5760 5759 5758 5757 5756
    3. Vayikra 5764 5763 5762 5761 5760 5759 5758 5757 5756
    4. Bemidbar 5764 5763 5762 5761 5760 5759 5758 5757 5756
    5. Devarim 5764 5763 5762 5761 5760 5759 5758 5757 5756

  124. Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu Weekly Parsha Sheet (Hebrew Site) - Editor: Arieh Yarden

  125. Kosher Australia Weekly Parsha Sheet (Word Doc)

  126. Mesukim MiDevash - by Rabbi Gil Student "Dei'ah, Binah and Haskel on the Weekly Parashah" from

  127. Midrash and Method by Meir Levin from

  128. Ohr Sameach - This Week

  129. Ohr v'Shofar from The Federation of Georgia Jews (PDF)

  130. Parsha Partner from Beth Israel of Montreal

  131. Peninim on the Torah by Rabbi Leib Sheinbaum, from the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

  132. Shabbat Fax Archive from Chicago Torah Network

  133. Talmudic University Insight PDF of Parshat ha-Shavua (Direct PDF download)

  134. Tiger Torah - Princeton University

  135. Torah Stories from

  136. Viewpoints, A Publication Of The Denver Community Kollel, (Archives only)

  137. Webber, Rabbi Moshe - Hear and your Soul Shall Live (HEBREW)

  138. Wollenberg, Mordechai - (Word doc)

    Favorite Drash

  139. Aish ha-Torah This Week's Parsha Page

  140. Al Reget Achat Columbia University Students parsha sheet

  141. Anshei Emes - by Fred Toczek

  142. Ateret Cohanim, Parshat HaShavua

  143. Blau, Rabbi Yitzhak - Aggadot from Hamivtar from Yeshivat Hamivtar-Orot Lev of Ohr Torah Stone

  144. BASHERT, Congregation Beth Shalom, by Rabbi Elly Krimsky
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
    3. Leviticus
    4. Numbers
    5. Deuteronomy

  145. Brijnet Daf Hashavua - of the United Synagogue (UK), from the Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue, HGSS

  146. Brovender, Rav Chaim - Chumash with Rashi from Yeshivat Hamivtar-Orot Lev of Ohr Torah Stone

  147. Chicago Community Kollel Parsha page & Archives & Heritage questions index

  148. Darche Noam ("Shapell's")

  149. Divrei Beit Hillel from The University of Pennsylvania

  150. Haaros - R' Yaakov Bernstein [From, Subscribe]
    1. Bereshit : 5760 & 5759 & 5758 & 5757
    2. Shemot : 5759 & 5758 & 5757
    3. Vayikra : 5759 & 5758 & 5757
    4. Bemidbar 5760 : 5759 & 5758 & 5757
    5. Devarim 5760 : 5759 & 5758 & 5757
    6. Chodshei Hashanah

  151. Hadrash Ve-Haiyun by the Reisha Rav, HaGoan Rav Aaron Levine [linked from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  152. Jerusalem Views - by Rabbi Heshy Grossman [From, Subscribe]

  153. Kook, Rav Avraham Yitzhak haKohen: The weekly portion
    Bereshit Shemot Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim
    Psalms Holidays Stories

  154. Kook, Rav Avraham Yitzhak haKohen - Orot

  155. Netvort by Rabbi Joshua Hoffman

  156. Oroh V'Simchoh - Meshech Chochmoh on the Weekly Parsha - by Rav Zvi Akiva Fleisher [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  157. Peninim on the Torah by Rav A. Leib Scheinbaum [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  158. Riskin, Rav Shlomo - Parshat Hashavua

  159. Sedrah Selections - by Rav Zvi Akiva Fleisher [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  160. The Sfas Emes (Rebbe Yehudah Leib Alter)

  161. Shem Meshmuel - edited by Dr. Meir Tamari

  162. Torah Productions Inc.weekly parsha sample (very impressive)

  163. Torah MiTzion on the Weekly Parsha - by Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  164. - RIETS Roshei Yeshiva - This Week

  165. Web-Reb by Yaakov Silverstein & Archives

  166. The Weekly Parsha A New Dimension - by Rabbi Heshy Grossman [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  167. Yeshivas Brisk of Yerushalayim

  168. Shaalvim, Yeshivat

  169. Shaalvim, Yeshivat - For Women

  170. Zomet Institute divrei torah, or A better layout and easier download

    Parsha A-Z

    Entries in pink have already been listed above
    Entries in bold are general Torah institutions

    A B C D E F
    G H I J K L
    M N O P Q R
    S T U V W-X Y-Z


  171. Aish ha-Torah of the North Coast

  172. Aram Soba Foundation Newsletter


  173. Berman, Rabbi Meir Tzvi - Parsha Pearls [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  174. Berzon, Rabbi Bernard L. - Sermons The Year 'Round (Archives only)

  175. Birkat Moshe, Yeshivat - "Ma'ale Adumim" (shiurim are all in Hebrew)

  176. Blumenthal, David R. Jay and Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies at Emory

  177. Bnei Akiva - Parshat Hashavuah

  178. Bonchek, Dr. Avigdor - What's Bothering Rashi? [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  179. Bratt, Yerachmiel - The light of the Ben Ish Chai [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  180. Brown, Erica at (Not updated all that often)


  181. Camp S'dei Chemed Divrei Torah by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum

  182. Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Rockville, MD) Index of Posted Divrei Torah from Students

  183. Chiddushei Shaarei Weekly Parsha page and update from Yeshivas Shaarei Yerushalayim [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  184. Chrysler, Rav Eliezer - Midei Shabbos BeShabbato

  185. Ciner, Rav Yisroel - Parsha-Insights [From, Subscribe]


  186. - Daf-Hashavua & Archives

  187. Dixie, Torah from

  188. Ebner, Rabbi Dovid - Chassidus & Parsha & Poetry Page (geocities, music warning)

  189. Ein Tzurim - Yeshivat Hakibbutz Hadati

  190. Rav Moti Elon (in English)

  191. Enayim L'Torah

  192. Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi (see above)


  193. Feinhandler, Rabbi Yisroel Pesach - Beloved Companions

  194. Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman from Yeshivat Hamivtar

  195. Divrei Mordechai by Rabbi Mordechai Friedfertig

  196. Fogelman, Rabbi Yaakov - TOP

  197. Friedman, Rav Matis - Parsha Archive at



  198. Ha-Kotel, Yeshivat :

  199. Hamaayan ed. Shlomo Katz [From, Subscribe]

  200. Hamivtar, Yeshivat (Essays on front page)

  201. Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (HIR): Torah Archives

  202. Herzfeld, Rabbi Shmuel - Homepage & Collected Divrei Torah

  203. Hollander, Rabbi Zvi B. - Young Israel of Venice-Torah Learning Center



  204. Jersey Shore Torah Bulletin

  205. JewishAmerica

  206. Parsha Archives

  207. Jewish Bible Quarterly Index


  208. Kalatsky, Rav Yosef from the Yad Avraham Institute

  209. Parsha Parts by Rabbi Tzuriel Kastel ** New! **

  210. Katz, Rabbi Yehuda - Bigdei Kahuna: Practical Torah thoughts for everyday living [From, Subscribe]

  211. Kerem b'Yavneh, Yeshivat (KBY):

  212. Keren Kayemet Leisrael Jewish National Fund Torah
  213. Kiryat Shemona, Yeshivat (Hebrew only)

  214. Klarberg, Meshullam - Morsels of Hebrew Grammar [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  215. Kneseth Israel Congregation Parsha Archive

  216. KOE (Kehilat Orech Eliezer) - Dvar Torah Archive

  217. Kollel Beis HaTalmud Yehuda Fishman Institute's Daf Hashavua [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  218. Kornfeld, Mordecai Parsha-Page - Archives for 5756-58

  219. Kret, Rabbi Yaakov from - (limited archive)


  220. Leff, Rav Zev - Outlooks & Insights [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  221. Leket Shoshanim - Parsha & Halakha Archives

  222. Lindenbaum, Midreshet ("Brovender's")


  223. Midreshet haRova Online Torah & archive

  224. Milk n'Honey

  225. MTA - Shema Koleinu


  226. NCSY Torah Page
    (National Council of Synagogue Youth, a division of the OU)

  227. Netiv Aryeh, Yeshivat
    • Parsha Archive
        In case you hadn't heard, Netiv Aryeh and Yeshivat Hakotel were once one institution. However they broke apart - in a manner not wholly understood by me (and I don't want to hear more about it). Yet, they share some faculty and - more important to this website - Torah archives. Another way to put it: Yeshivat Hakotel as it currently stands can be seen as a breakaway from Netiv Aryeh, but Hakotel kept the name.

  228. NJOP, National Jewish Outreach Program Dvar Torah of Rabbi Buchwald


  229. OROT, Yeshiva (English site)

  230. OU (Orthodox Union): Devar Torah o'the Week
    1. Bereshit
    2. Shemot
    3. Vayikra
    4. Bemidbar
    5. Devarim

  231. Ohr Lehayehudim vort archives (only an archive)

  232. Oppen, Rabbi Menachem Moshe - A Twist of the Tongue [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  233. Ohr Sameach's Parsha Chart

  234. Ohr-Torah: Insights from the Weekly Parasha [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]




  235. Rashi-is-Simple by Dr Russell Hendel

  236. Reishit Yerushalayim, Yeshivat

  237. Rosen, Reb Mordechai z'l - Divrei Mordechai [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  238. Rosenzweig, Rabbi Yosil - Vortify Yourself [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]


  239. Sedley, Rabbi David

  240. - The List of Parsha Archives

  241. Shemayisrael Parsha Links

  242. Shorashim of the Old City

  243. Shor Yoshuv's parsha index

  244. Shulman, Yaacov Dovid - The Wings of Morning A Torah Review [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  245. Solomon, Jacob - Between the Fish and the Soup [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]


  246. Teitelbaum, Rabbi Eli - Camp S'dei Chemed International dvar torah index

  247. Terebelo, Rabbi Mordechai - A Drop of Dikduk [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  248. Torah.Org Parsha Archives

  249. Torah Bits - St. Louis Kollel 5756-5761 only

  250. Torah Fax in Cyberspace
    1. Past Issue #1
    2. Past #2
    3. Past #3
    4. Past #4
    5. Past #5
    6. Past #6

  251. Torah-Net
      Eshnav Web Services, a company which has been involved with the establishment of Internet sites since 1995, has set itself the goal of contributing to the improvement of the present situation. With the generosity of HaMa'ayan Institutions of Be'er Sheva, under the leadership of Rabbi Natan Spector, one of the largest disseminators of Torah in Eretz Yisrael, a team has been put together to concentrate on the establishment of a large Internet site. This large site, under the name of Torah.Net, will also achieve, G-d willing, a great qualitative edge over the others as well. It will supply high-level Torah material. It will serve as a forum for users' conferences. It will provide a congenial framework for the Internet sites of individuals, institutions and companies dealing with Judaism.

  252. Torah in Motion




  253. Wein, Rav Beryl - Homepage

  254. Weiner, Daneal - From the Orchards of Jerusalem [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  255. Winston, Rav Pinchas - Perceptions [From, Subscribe]

  256. World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS)



  257. Yeshivat Ma'a lot

  258. Shaalvim, Yeshivat

  259. Young Israel, National Council

  260. Young Israel Of Passaic - Clifton


    Chassidut & Kabbalah on the Parsha

    Primary Texts

  261. Zohar on the Parsha

    Chassidic Groups

  262. Breslov

  263. Chabad in Cyberspace
    3. Chabad, Sichos in English
    4. L'Chaim Weekly
    5. Beverly Hills Chabad
    6. Chabad of Marina Del Rey
    7. Sichos of the Rebbe
    8. Ohr Temimim (Kfar Chabad) Parsha & Archives



  265. Fleisher, Zvi Akiva - Chasidic Insights on the Weekly Parsha [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  266. Nishmas Chayim: Chassidic insights on the Parsha from Yeshivas Nishmas Chayim

  267. Pure Deep Waters: Kabbalistic Insights into the Parsha from Yeshivas Shaar Hashamayim - Jerusalem [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  268. Spiral Kabbalah center parsha & Archive

    Kid's Torah

  269. Academy BJE, the NSW Board of Jewish Education

  270. Akhlah: Children's Torah

  271. The Family Parsha, from Aish.Com

  272. Feinhandler, Rabbi Yisroel Pesach - Beloved Children [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  273. Groffman, Simcha - Kinder Torah [from Shemayisrael & Subscribe or Unsubscribe]

  274. Shemesh Online - Parsha Quiz for Kids

  275. Torah Tots

  276. URJ Parent Files Union of Reform Judaism (PDF files)

    Progressive & Liberal Torah


  277. Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning
    1. This Week's Parsha (with links to JPS & Schocken translations)
    2. Chart of other parshiot
    3. Excellent parsha/haftara chart
    4. Ask the Web-Reb & Archives
    5. Glossary

  278. Divrei torah from
  279. Torah at
  280. Ariga, Parshat hashavua by Rabbi Amy Levin
  281. Hadar High Holiday Source Sheets, by Julia Andelman and Elie Kaunfer

    Institutions & Synagogues, Conservative

  282. JTS, Ismar Schorch Parsha archive
  283. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism: "Torah Sparks"
  284. USY Divrei Torah (for some reason I can't get any DTs)
  285. Congregation B'nai Jeshurun Parashat Hashavua & Archives
  286. Masorati UK Reflections on Parshat Hashavua
  287. Responsa for Today from Schechter Institute (Hebrew site)

    Institutions & Synagogues, Reconstructionist

  288. Reconstructionist Divrei Torah

    Institutions & Synagogues, Reform

  289. Torat Hayim - Torah Study for Reform Jews
  290. Table-Talk by UAHC
  291. Temple Beth Shalom Parsha Archive (PDF) - URJ (Reform)
  292. Temple Israel of Westport, CT
  293. Topical Index of Reform Responsa, Compiled by Rabbi Steven Ross Chatinover

    Institutions & Synagogues, Renewal

  294. Tikkun Current Torah Commentary


  296. Parsha Archive (real audio)

  297. The Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik Institute Parshat Hashavua by Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter

  298. (Yeshiva University)

  299. Rav Moti Elon


  301. Talmudic University archive

  302. Daf Yomi by Rabbi Dov Linzer of Chovevei Torah

  303. & Rav Ovadya's Satellite shiurim

  304. The Torah Center Home Page

  305. Think Jewish

  306. Rav Aryeh Hendler's Chasidus Shiurim from Yeshivat Shaalvim

    Non-Jewish Sources

    Highly recommended

  307. Interlinear Bible (Best tool out there, incorporates Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
    also use the Bible regular search

  308. Bible Problems Refuted - works also as Topical Concordance of the Bible (includes the New Testament)

  309. Bible gateway passage search

  310. Chronologies from "The Commandments of YHWH homepage" (A messianic-jewish site)
    Genesis Exodus Leviticus Bamidbar Deuteronomy

    Reference Tools

  311. Matthew Henry's Unabridged Commentary on the Bible (1706-1721)
  312. 1599 Geneva Study Bible (a pretty good cross referencing tool)
  313. Condensed Biblical Encyclopedia
  314. Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
  315. Nave's Topical Bible
  316. Smith's Bible Dictionary
  317. Torrey's New Topical Textbook
  318. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (A-Z topical index)


  319. Bibles and Commentaries on Bible versions from True Grace Ministries

  320. Jamieson, Fausset, Brown; "Commentary, Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible"

    Nakh - Prophets & Hagiographia

    Nakh - by Book

  321. Judaica Press Tanakh ONLINE - with Rashi from Chabad (English Translation)

    1. Early Prophets - Neviim Rishonim
      1. Joshua - Yehoshua
      2. Judges - Shofetim
      3. Samuel I - Shemuel Aleph
      4. Samuel II - Shemuel Bet
      5. Kings I - Melakhim Aleph
      6. Kings II - Melakhim Bet
    2. Later Prophets - Neviim Acharonim
      1. Isaiah - Yeshayahu
      2. Jeremiah - Yirmiyahu
      3. Ezekiel - Yechezkel
      4. The Twelve Prophets (Trei Asar)
        1. Hosea - Hoshea
        2. Joel - Yoel
        3. Amos - Amos
        4. Obadiah - Ovadya
        5. Jonah - Yonah
        6. Micah - Mikha
        7. Nachum - Nachum
        8. Habbakuk - Chabuakuk
        9. Zephaniah - Tzefaniah
        10. Haggai - Chaggai
        11. Zechariah - Zechariah
        12. Malachi - Malakhi
    3. Writings - Ketuvim
      1. Psalms - Tehillim
      2. Proverbs - Mishlei
      3. Job - Iyov
      4. The Five Scrolls - Chamesh Megillot
        1. Song of Songs - Shir ha-Shirim
        2. Ruth - Ruth
        3. Lamentations - Eichah
        4. Ecclesiastes - Kohelet
        5. Esther - Esther
      5. Daniel - Daniel
      6. Ezra - Ezra
      7. Nechemia - Nechemia
      8. Chronicles I - Divrei ha-Yamim Aleph
      9. Chronicles II - Divrei ha-Yamim Bet


  322. Inisghts into the Haftara from OU (often from "Hazon ha-Mikra")

    Neviim Rishonim (Early Prophets)

      Joshua - Yehoshua

  323. Yehoshua Reflections by Rabbi Dovid Seigel

      Judges - Shofetim

      Samuel - Shemuel

  324. Sefer Shmuel, Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

      Kings - Melakhim

  325. Sefer Melachim (Commentary by R'Yehoshua Blank) (Defunct)
  326. Arikah - Book of Kings (Unknown Affiliation)

    Neviim Acharonim (Later Prophets)

  327. Trei Asar (12 Minor Prophets) from OU

    Ketuvim (Writings)

  328. by Rabbi Avi Baumol
  329. Mishlei, Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

    Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha

  330. Apocrypha Index from
    1. list each book
  331. Apocrypha
  332. Old Testament Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha - Copyright 1993-2004. The Wesley Center for Applied Theology

  333. Books of Maccabees

    Academic Bible Studies

  334. Davila, Dr. James R. - Paleojudaica University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

  335. Biblical Studies on the Web
  336. ECanon - Online Search Engine for Canonical Texts

  337. Resource Pages for Biblical Study

  338. iTanakh Resources for Academic Study

  339. Electronic Resources Relevant to the Textual Criticism of Hebrew Scripture

  340. Old Testament Gateway

  341. Code of Hammurabi

  342. Bible and History


  343. Around the Year: Holidays from Ohr Sameach

  344. Cincinnati Community Kollel Holiday

  345. Ezras Torah Luach

  346. Ha-Makor - by Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner - Holidays
  347. Heshy's holiday links (good links, bad music)

  348. Innernet Magazine - Archives and More Up To Date Innernet Archive

  349. JAJZ-Ed: The Education Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel Festivals

  350. Midreshet Harova - Holiday Archives

  351. Nishmat: Chagim

  352. Orthodox Union, OU

  353. Torah Tidbits chagim

  354. Lazer Festivals Index

  355. ORT Festivals Index

  356. Prero, Rabbi Yehudah - YomTov from Torah.Org

  357. Seasons of the Moon from Ohr Sameach

  358. Segal, Professor "Uncle Eli" Holiday articles (extraordinary)

  359. Shamah, Rabbi M. - Judaicseminar, Sefardi Halakha

  360. Shemayisrael Holidays (Chanukkah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, and Tisha B'Av)

  361. Torah Mi-Tzion - Chagim

  362. Tzemachdovid Chagim Links to other sources

  363. V'samachta B'chagecha, a Beth Aaron\TABC Publication (Purim 5757 Purim 5759 Pesach 5761 Pesach 5762 Shavuot 5761 only)

  364. Virtual Jerusalem: "The Jewish Year"

  365. Web-Shas - by Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner - Holidays

  366. Yeshivat Har Etzion - Holiday Journals


  367. Rabbi Riskin Articles (trans. from his Hebrew haggadah)

  368. Approved Product Listings - Cong. Kehilas Yaakov, Los Angeles

    Yom Kippur

  369. Abarbanel on Avodah of Yom Kippur


  370. Women's Megilla Reading, Aryeh A. Frimer
  371. (Another link)

    Jewish Life


  372. Check the Zemanim of the Day

  373. Ezras Torah Luach

  374. Bar Mitzvah Date Calculator
  375. Shechem Javascript Calendar
  376. Ezras Torah calendar
  377. Candle Lighting Times
  378. Navy Sunrise-Sunset Charts
  379. Sunrise-Sunset charts
  380. Candle Lighting Chart from the OU
  381. BAYT Hebrew (Jewish) Calendar
  382. Chabad's Candle Lighting Calculator
  383. OU's Zemanim site


  384. Kashrut.Com
  385. OU
  386. Kof-K
  387. All Kosher Index
  388. American-Asian Kashrus Services
  389. Kosher Nic Searchable Kosher Resource
  391. Kosherfinder
  392. KosherCooking.Com links Mimi's Cyber Kitchen Links
  393. Empire Kosher Chickens


  394. Shabbos Prayer Series by Rabbi Levi Langer
  395. Tefilah Tips by Rabbi Ephraim Epstein
  396. Transliterated Siddur
  397. Blumenthal on Prayer
  398. Gabbai Resources Very useful. Geocities warning.
  399. Jonathan Baker's essays on prayer
  400. Spirituality Class from Congregation Ohave Shalom, Young Israel of Pawtucket, RI (warning, Tripod account)
  401. Tefilah Discussion

    Hebrew & Translation

  402. Translation Tool

  403. Hebrew fonts and resources Machon Lev.

  404. Fonts from

  405. Brijnet Hebrew Test & How to get Hebrew Fonts for up to Windows 95

  406. Hebrew fonts

  407. A copyrighted, redistributable Hebrew font can be obtained by clicking here.

  408. Downloadable Hebrew Dictionaries

  409. Free Public Hebrew Glossaries

  410. Learn to read Hebrew from Beverly Hills Chabad



  411. Chabura-net Biographies by Rabbi Aaron Ross

  412. OU's Leaders of Our People

  413. Jewish Virtual Library: Biographies

  414. World Mizrahi Movement Leaders

  415. Jewish Agency for Israel 100 years of Zionism - People

  416. Jerusalem College of Technology-Machon Lev: Chachmei Ashkenaz

  417. Biographies of Gedolim

  418. Torah Productions Biographies of their Commentaries

  419. Biographies and timeline of commentaries by

    Education Resources


  420. Contents of the Bar Ilan CD-ROM - a good chart of Rabbinic literature.



  421. The Mishna from Machon-Mamre, Online Hebrew Library (Hebrew)

  422. Mishna from Snunit (which is from Mechon-Mamre)

  423. Kehati Mishna a-day
  424. Mesekhet 'Kinim by Rabbi Menachem Moshe Oppen

    Pirkei Avot

  425. Sayings of the Jewish Fathers

  426. Maharal on Avot, Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

  427. Vedibarta Bam: And You Shall Speak of Them. (Chabad) "A Compilation of Selected Insights, Thought-Provoking Ideas, Homilies And Explanations of Mishnah Passages

  428. Anshei Emes: Avot by Fred Toczek

  429. Commentary on Avot

  430. Pirkei

  431. Divrei Mordechai by Rabbi Mordechai Friedfertig

  432. Pirkei Avot from

  433. Jewish Virtual Library

  434. Pirkei Avos

    Midrash Halakha

    Examples of Midrash Halakha: Mechilta, Sifra, Sifrei

    Midrash Aggada

    Examples of Midrash Aggada
    (from Bar Ilan): Midrash Rabbah (e.g. Bereshit R, Eicha R, Esther R, Yalkut shimoni, Megillat taanit, Midrash tehillim, Tanchuma, Seder olam rabba, Pesikta d'rav kahana, Pirkei d'rav eleizer, Sekhel tov, Tana dvai eliyahu)

  435. Megilat Taanit

  436. Sefer Tana Devei Eliyahu (teachings of Elijah the prophet to Rav Onan 2000 years ago )

  437. the Shvus Yaakov on the Ein Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Reischer of Metz

  438. Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg [1909]
  439. Tales and Maxims from the Midrash by Samuel Rapaport [1907]
  440. The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. IV: Medieval Hebrew [1917]
  441. Midrash Tanhuma (60,529 bytes)

  442. Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer: Electronic Text Editing Project, Lewis M. Barth, Editor

  443. Ein Yaakov & How to read Midrash
  444. Tales of the Sages from the YI of Fair Lawn


  445. Tosefta from Machon-Mamre, Online Hebrew Library (Hebrew)

  446. Tosefta from Snunit (which is from Mechon-Mamre)


  447. Targum Onkolos from (Unvocalized)
    1. Genesis
    2. Exodus
    3. Leviticus
    4. Numbers
    5. Deuteronomy

  448. Institute of Targum studies at Tulane University

  449. Targum Yonosson Ben Uziel ( Yonatan Ben Uziel )

    Talmud Bavli

    Primary Texts

  450. Talmud Bavli from Machon-Mamre, Online Hebrew Library (Hebrew)

  451. Talmud Bavli from Snunit (which is from Mechon-Mamre)

  452. Online Talmudic Manuscripts


  453. Talmud Index from Sacred-Texts

  454. Rodkinson Talmud

  455. Scanned Talmud

  456. Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts

  457. The Evil Come-and-Hear & their mishugas - The Evil Come-and-Hear looks like a beneficial website, they have even put up the entire Soncino Talmud online, but their intention is to 'expose' the evil of Judaism. Be warned.


  458. Talmud Map: What the hypertext capability is for

  459. Incredible Resource from YU-Torah

  460. YU & RIETS courses

  461. Jastrow online! (scanned in pages, pdf files, hey it's a place to start) from the Etana Digitized Titles Project (there's some funky stuff here).


  462. Shemayisrael Daf Yomi Advancement Forum
    Shabbat Eruvin Pesachim Shekalim Yoma Sukkah Beitzah Rosh Hashanah
    Ta'anit Megilah Moed Katan Chagigah
    Yevamot Ketuvot Nedarim Nazir Sotah Gittin Kiddushin
    Bava Kama Bava Metzia Bava Batra Sanhedrin Makkot Shevuot Avodah Zarah Horayot
    Zevachim Menachot Chullin Bechorot Erchin Temurah Keritut Me'ilah-Tamid

  463. Dafyomi from the Denver Community Kollel

  464. Daf Yomi Kollel


  466. Yeshivat Har Etzion Daf Yomi Sheets in Hebrew - Mail here with Message body: subscribe dafyomi


  468. The Dafyomi Calendar

  469. Audio Shiurim

  470. Yiddish shiurim


  472. Order an IPod with shiurim on every daf already loaded!


    Talmud Yerushalmi

  473. Yerushalmi from Machon-Mamre, Online Hebrew Library (Hebrew)

  474. Talmud Yerushalmi from Snunit (which is from Mechon-Mamre)

  475. Yerushalmi Online


  476. Contents of the Bar Ilan CD-ROM or Here - a good chart of Rabbinic literature.

  477. out-of-print and rare seforim for free in PDF format.

  478. over 1000 seforim written by American Rabbonim of the past 150 years for free in PDF format

    Small tractates & Gaonim

    Academic Talmud Study


  479. Kuzari the full text, from Wiki-source

  480. Kuzari from the Internet Medieval Sourcebook (which has a *lot* of stuff)

  481. Kuzari (online!)

  482. Drashot haRan, by Rabbi Gidon Rothstein


    General & Biography

  483. A page of Rambam Eleizer Segal

  484. Rambam biography and description of major works
  485. Another biography,by Eliezer Abrahamson
  486. A manuscript letter, from the Cairo Geniza

    Commentary on the Mishna & 13 Principles of Faith

    The Thirteen Principles of the Jewish Faith
    • Original formulation,from the Commentary on the 10th chapter of Mishnah Sanhedrin. Translated by Eliezer Abrahamson
    • Ani Maamin:late medieval reformulation as a daily creed
    • Yigdal: late medieval reformulation as a daily hymn
  487. 13 Principles

    Mishnah Torah & Book of Commandements (Sefer ha-Mitzvot)

  488. Rambam from Machon-Mamre, Online Hebrew Library (Hebrew)

  489. Rambam from Snunit (which is from Mechon-Mamre)

  490. Full Text of the Mishna Torah from

  491. Yitz Etshalom's Rambam Shiur

  492. Maimonides Resource Page (Translations by Immanuel O'Levy)

  493. Chapter 7 of Yesodei Ha-Torah (Eng. Translation)

    • Chabad daily Mishneh Torah lessons (one chapter audio/ text, three chapters audio/ text).
  494. Maimonides' Eight Levels of Charity
  495. Complete Mishneh Torah (Hebrew)
  496. Laws concerning the Messiah (Laws of Kings ch. 11-12, from Chabad)
  497. The 613 Mitzvot (Commands) according to Maimonides' order

    Guide to the Perplexed

  498. Moreh Nevukhim (The Guide in Hebrew) from the University of Tel Aviv

    Other Writings

  499. Lecture by Dr. Moshe Idel on Maimonides and the Pardes (Orchard) of Perfect Philosophy

  500. Articles in Hebrew on Torah and history in light of the Rambam's ideas by Dr. Uri Levi in Israel
  501. R' Yosef Kafih's Introduction to the new Translation of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah

  502. Notes and Sources for Maimonides' Introduction to the "Mishneh Torah" (Twersky, A Maimonides Reader, pp. 35 ff)

    Early Acharonim

  503. Eliezer Segal's Tur Map

  504. Eliezer Segal's Shulchan Arukh map

  505. Ya'aros Devash (Rabbi Yehonosson Eibeshitz )

  506. Sha'ages Arye ( Rabbi Arye Leib of Metz )

    Late Acharonim


    Many of these links are cropped from my other Rav page

  507. The VBM's Rav Course by Rav Reuven Ziegler & Archives
    On-Line Writings by the Rav
  508. "Torah & Humility" or Alternate Link
  509. Mail-Jewish Rav Zt'l page (excellent resources)
  510. Arnold Lustiger's Shiur Transciptions:
    1. 1992 Teshuva Shiur : The Avoda Recitation and Yom Kippur Tefillah
    2. 1993 Teshuva Shiur: The Significance of the Various Appellations for Yom Kippur
    3. 1994 Teshuva Shiur: The Teshuva Process During the Yamim Nora'im
    4. June 22, 1972 RCA Drasha: Jewish Ethics and the Aseret Hadibrot.
  511. Eitan Fiorino's shiur transcription:
  512. Rachamim Pauli's shiur transcription:
    1. Summary of Rav Soloveitchik Zt'l on Tisha B'Av based on a lecture given by HaRav Aaron Adler.
  513. Josh Rapp's MJ-Ravtorah at
  514. Audio Torah from
    1. Rav Soloveichik Notes in an Unapproved and Unedited Form -- vol. 1
    2. Rav Soloveichik Notes in an Unapproved and Unedited Form -- vol. 3
    3. Vol. 3 in Word form (400+k)
    4. Vol. 3 in WP form
  515. R' Rakeffet's "Teachings of the Rav" lecture series Summarized by Jonathan Baker
    On-Line Resources About the Rav:
  516. Eli Turkel's Bibliography of the Rav. (english) or (hebrew)
  517. Prof. Eliezer Segal's page on centrist orthodoxy (check out his whole site, very impressive)
  518. American-Israel Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) Bio of the Rav:
  519. Manfred R. Lehmann: Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik, z"l, 90 Years Old His Father's and Grandfather's Testimony
  520. Harold Schulwiess' on the Rav
  521. Strange Homage to the Rav (SCIENCE MUSINGS Reconciling the 'Adams' of the soul; By Chet Raymo, Globe Staff, 12/22/97; C02. © Copyright 1997 Globe Newspaper Company).

  522. Tzemachdovid on the Rav

    Jewish Law - Halakha

    General Halakha

    Primary Texts

    Code & Code Summaries

  523. She'elot U'Teshuvot Online from (Mercaz Limudei Yahadut VeRuach)

  524. YU Torah & Halakha

  525. Kitzur

  526. Meaning in the Mitzvot by Rav Asher Meir

  527. OU's Judaism 101

  528. Tzuriel's Halacha-A-Day currently the Laws of Meat/Milk with Badei Ha-Shulchan!

  529. Halacha
    1. Mishna Berura (A wonderful resource!)
    2. Halacha Yomi: from the Kitzur Shlchan Arukh (intermediate level)
    3. Abstract of chapters in Shulchan-Aruch (by Rabbi Dr. Azriel Rosenfeld) Orach Chayim & Yoreh De'ah


  530. Mordechai Torczyner's Ha-Makor (Halakhic Bibilographies)
  531. Mordechai Torczyner's Web-Shas (Topical Index to the Talmud) & Subject Index
  532. Aaron Ross' Chabura Net

  533. Practical Halacha Index
  534. Jewish & articles
  535. Eitan Mayer's RIETS Notes Page
  536. Index of Subjects of Weekly Halacha by Rabbi Doniel Neustadt
  537. Daat, essays
  538. Rabbi Gidon Rothstein's Halakhah in Brief
  539. Burial Laws and Customs
  540. Skokie Kollel Halacha online
  541. Kitzur Shulchan Arukh
  542. Sefardi Halakha

    613 Listings

    Discussion Groups

  543. Mail-Jewish Homepage (warning: I can't vouch for the reliability of most halakhic statements on MJ; best use provided sources)
  544. Avodah Mailing List (warning: same as with MJ, I can't vouch for the reliability of most halakhic statements on Avodah; best use provided sources)
    • Search Page
      [NOTE, this search engine is lifted straight from the Aishdas/Avodah page]

    Ask the Rabbi

  545. Torah.Org

    Specific-Orech Chaim




  548. Mezuza Project from Machon Lev.
  549. Chabad Halachot Sheets about Mezuzot & Tefillin (PDF form)


  550. The Laws of Brachos



  551. Eruvin in Modern Metropolitan Areas by Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer

    Rosh Chodesh

    Specific-Yoreh Deah


  552. Why Keep Kosher?
  553. Rabbi Yehudah Deri's Shiurim on Yoreh Deah



  554. Nishmat
  555. The Holy Home (Sephardic Halakhot of Nidah)


  556. Directory


  557. Eliezer Segal's Lifecycle Shiurim
  558. - find yahrzeit date, other resources
  559. Torah.Org Lifecycles by Rabbi Yehudah Prero.

    Medical Issues

  560. Albert Einstein Shul's Online Medical Halakha links
  561. Encyclopedia of Medical Halakha (Hebrew)

    All Else

    Chosen Mishpat: Business Ethics

  562. Jewish Ethicist (by Rav Asher Meir)

  563. Machon Lev archives

  564. Business Halacha (Torah.Org) Shiurim of Rabbi Tzvi Shpitz adapted by Rabbi Aaron Tendler

  565. Center for Business Ethics' Library

    Even Ha-Ezer: Marriage-Divorce-Aguna

  566. Orthodox Caucus: The Prenuptial Agreement Halakhic, Legal, and Pastoral Considerations
  567. Rav Howard Jachter's Exhaustive shiur on the solutions to the Aguna Problem

    The Fifth Book of Shulchan Arukh

    Jewish Thought


    Jewish Ethics

  568. Torah Ethics Knowledebase
  569. Mesora - Sources for Jewish Philosophy & Law
  570. Chofetz Chaim Lesson a Day
  571. Tzeniut: A Universal Concept, by Dr. Norman Lamm


  572. Mesillas Yeshorim -Pathway of the Correct by Reb Moshe Chaim Luzatto,

  573. Mesilat Yesharim (online)

  574. Chofetz Chaim, Shmiras Halashon ( a book specialising in the power of speech)

  575. Mussar resources

    Mysticism - Kabbalah

  576. Sefer GilgulimBook of re-incarnation of Rabbi Chaim Vital
  577. Zohar Hakadosh, The Kabbala
  578. Tikunei HaZohar - the seventy lessons learnt in Ellul by sefardic communities
  579. Sefer Shinuyim- the book of Change,
  580. Sefer Tikunim - the book of Corrections,
  581. The Kabbalah Unveiled - S. L. MacGregor Mathers, translator [1912]

  582. Raziel Hamalach (an ancient kabbalistic mystical book passed down throughout jewish generations for over 3000 years , with teachings of astrology and kabbala),


    Articles A-Z


  583. ATID Journal
  584. Yashar Books Reading Room
  585. Lookstein Center (Bar Ilan) Resources and Essays
  586. Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group (SIG)
  587. The Cantillation marks
  588. The Jewish Wedding Ceremony, by Rabbi Mordechai Becher
  589. Kaddish by David Blumenthal
  590. Articles and Essays on Jewish Topics
  591. National Assembly of Jewish Students
  592. Kehillah Online
  593. Rabbi Abraham Ben Samuel Zacuto, Sefer Yohassin, or Book Of Lineage, translated by Israel Shamir
  594. Machon Daniel
  595. Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews, Vol. 1-4
  596. Edah (sets of articles about Modern Orthodoxy)
  597. Torah 101
  598. Lights in Action (Resource Center)
  599. Innernet Magazine
  600. Reb Shlomo Carlebach Torah
  601. Articles from Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies
  602. The Project Seed Archive For Kiruv Workers (Gateshead yeshivish)
  603. Lazer's Talmud Torah Center For Basic Jewish Education
  604. Judaismalive homepage
  605. Dei'ah ve Dibur: A Window into the Charedi World & Archives: 5760, 5759
  606. Being Jewish
  607. NJOP
  608. Jerusalem Letter & Archives
  609. Jewish Studies ("The Internet Magazine of the Teshuva Movement")
  610. Torah Thoughts by Steve Stein
  611. Nizkor: 'Your Holocaust Educational Resource'
  612. Torah Tropes [Cantillation marks]
  613. Judaism for Beginners Lessons Overview
  614. Pirchei Shoshanim
  615. YU Torah Publications
  616. Insights into the Hebrew letters (chabad)
  617. Circumcision
  618. Jewish Heritage Online Magazine
  619. KosherTorah pdf article list
  620. RIETS torah
  621. Shiurim by Rabbi Joshua Yuter
  622. Speeches by Rabbi Norman Lamm
  623. soc.culture.jewish FAQ: Torah and Halachic Authority (3/12)
  624. Elizer Segal (jewish trivia)
  625. Jewish Press Torah Articles online
  626. Biblical Archaeology Review
  627. H-Judaic (Jewish Studies Network, JSN)
  628. Ner L'Elef booklets
  629. Darche Noam Articles
  630. Lookstein Center Articles
  631. WZO Hagshama resources
  632. Zoo Torah

    Jewish History

  633. Hebrew University - Jewish History links

  634. JTS 'Did You Know'

  635. Jewish Virtual Library - History

  636. 350th Anniversary of American Jewry Resource by Menachem Butler

  637. Dinur, Hebrew University Jewish History site

  638. American Jewish History Internet Resources

  639. Center for Jewish History

    Shoah - Holocaust

  640. Holocaust links


  641. Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  642. Essnetial (Zionist) texts

    Anti-Missionary Sites

  643. Jews for Judaism
  644. Outreach Judaism
  645. Torahscroll.Com
  646. "We Are Not Going to Burn in Hell" book by S. J. Greenstein


  647. Paleojudaica
  648. Josh Yuter's Yutopia
  649. Parshablog
  650. Jonathan's Tanakh Page
  651. Blog in DM (Chassidic Musician)
  652. Marvin Shick archives
  653. Chakira
  654. Fiddish (Forward Newspaper blog)
  655. Avraham Bronstein "Back Row of the Beis"
  656. Apt. 3W
  657. Reuven Weiser
  658. Chayyei Sarah
  659. Blissful Knowledge
  660. Protocols
  661. Matthew's Chiddusim Good stuff from Matthew (Matt) Wieder (in ATOM form)

    Academic Websites

  662. Eliezer Segal

  663. Bible As Literature Course

  664. David R. Blumenthal, Jay and Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies at Emory

    Jewish Publications

  665. Jewish Periodicals on the Internet Albert and Temmy Latner Jewish Public Library of Toronto

    Torah Journals

  666. List of Journals at (Hebrew)

  667. Al-Atar - Hebrew Language Journal about the Land of Israel from Yeshivat Har Etzion (index material only)

  668. Alei Etzion - English Language Torah Journal of Yeshivat Har Etzion (Rich Text Files)
    1. Vol. 01
    2. Vol. 02
    3. Vol. 03
    4. Vol. 04
    5. Vol. 05
    6. Vol. 06
    7. Vol. 07
    8. Vol. 08
    9. Vol. 09
    10. Vol. 10
    11. Vol. 11
    12. Vol. 12
    13. Vol. 13
    14. Vol. 14

  669. Alon Shvut - Hebrew Language Torah Journal of Yeshivat Har Etzion (2003 only)

  670. Assia - Journal of Medical Ethics (in English) from

  671. B'Or ha-Torah - "The Journal of Science, Art & Modern Life in the Light of Torah"

  672. Daf Kesher - A compilation of the weekly hebrew newsletter mailed to Har Etzion Talmidim on active duty, Hebrew Language

  673. Hakirah - Hakirah, The Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought

  674. Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society - some articles, from

  675. Megadim - Hebrew Language Tanakh Journal of Yeshivat Har Etzion (index material only)

  676. Netu'im - Hebrew Language Mishna Journal of Yeshivat Har Etzion (index material only)

  677. Ten Da'at Index - Journal of Jewish Education, from Yeshiva University

  678. Tradition - A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought

    Jewish Newspapers & Magazines (Religious)

  679. Jewish Press

  680. (Non-Denominational)

    Jewish Newspapers & Magazines (Secular)

  681. Azure
  682. New York Jewish Week
  683. Canadian Jewish News
  684. Commentary
  685. The Forward
  686. Jerusalem Post
  687. Jerusalem Report
  688. Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.
  689. The Jewish Political Chronicle
  690. Jewish World Review
  691. Jewsweek
  692. JTA
  693. Moment magazine
  694. NextBook
  695. Washington Jewish Week

    Publishers & Bookstores

  696. Artscroll


  698. Feldheim

  699. Kehot Online (Chabad publisher)

  700. Ktav

  701. Judaica Press

  702. Urim

    Link Pages

    People Who Link to Eparsha


  704. Jacob Richman's Hot Sites - Jewish - Torah On-line


  706. ATID

  707. Jewish Toronto Online

  708. CAJE Miami


  710. YUHSG

    In case there's something I missed

  711. Torahnet from Aishdas
    Midrash Rambam Talmud Mishnah Daf Yomi Counter Missionary General Biographies

    The Rest

  712. Halacha Brura Online Library (Hebrew)

  713. Shamash Dvar Torah List (The Grandaddy o' Parsha Lists; many archives of dormant Torah lists)
    • Search their archives (good luck)
      [same drill, I took the code for this search engine from Shamash's page]
  714. Torahnet from UAHC
    (Another trove of good parsha links)
  715. Shamash's Jewish Resources
  716. Virtual Jerusalem Torah Page & Parsha
  717. Jewish Communication Network A-Z links (320 K)
  718. Maven - the Jewish Yahoo: Torah & Jewish Learning & Jewish Holidays & Yeshivot
  719. The Frum Side of the Web or Mirror (finally a working link)
  720. Hareshima 'Study' links
  723. Links
  724. Tzemach Dovid links
  725. Shor Yoshuv links
  726. Lazer's Talmud Torah Center For Basic Jewish Education links
  727. Chabad links
  728. Jacob Richman's Jewish hotsites & Torah Links
  729. The Judaica Web World (link site)
  730. Anshe Emes Links
  733. Alyza's Links
  734. The Interpreters Friend
  735. VBM links
  736. Links from Machon Lev
  737. Links from Hebrew Union College
  738. Haruth All Things Jewish
  739. Heshey's Link Page (Music warning!)
  741. Judaism links Dr. Ehud Ben Zvi's
  742. Bnei Noach reading room


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